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How does liberalism's dedication to distributing liberty equally make it a moral ideology? To answer this question, we need to first look at what liberty is. Liberty is the power an individual has over their own actions, their ability to put their ideas into action. Therefore, looking at it from a moral perspective, liberty is moral agency, i.e. the ability to act in accordance with one's moral compass. An equitable distribution of liberty therefore ensures an equitable distribution of moral agency. In this way, liberalism ensures that every individual in society has an equal share of moral agency.

Purpose of this Wiki

The purpose of this Wiki is to allow the community to expand on the core ideas of Moral Libertarianism, including those found in the Moral Libertarian Horizon books. Moral Libertarians are encouraged to leave their thoughts on each issue on this Wiki, by leaving comments on the pages. You can also add a new idea, issue or insight, by adding a new page.

This is a platform to discuss and refine each idea. Remember to keep the discussions civil and polite.

The Book

Volume 1 (2018) of The Moral Libertarian Horizon by TaraElla can be found here:

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